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How to be stupid and yet not be stupid

well now, if your wondering why the title “how to be stupid and yet not be stupid”, alls i can say people, its story time baby !.

how many of you love going to youtube and reading the comment section on a individual video that you have to be watching ?.

i love reading that crap, oh the comments of people saying check this person out, they can help you get back into your account, ha ha, but the ones i like the most are the idiots who leave a phone number on a comment you made and commenting the same thing on other peoples comments saying “heres my private contact number please dont give it out or share it” are the silly scammers and believe it or not a small percentage of people get curious “cough cough”(on purpose ha ha) and call and quickly hang up, lol, and a few days later they start getting texts, lol, little did this silly scammer know, i knew all along that i knew they were impersonating 2 people at the same time with the same damn number, yep.

we text back and forth and they wanted a image of me, i told them i wanted a image of them first holding a piece of paper with a particular word on it so that i knew it was “mr so and so”, oh boy they went ape shit !, saying that they was going to block me, how dare you not believe i am the famous “so and so” .

so i acted all freaked out when they got so called mad , that was the best part, of course i was all nice through the whole texting experience, when your playing with people , you never want to be a ass, i rarely , ever so rarely play with scammers this way, so i am always nice.

of course i saved and printed out on paper the whole texting conversation and printed all the screen shots of where i found their comment in the first place that had their number on it.

i mean what scammer does that in a comment, leave their number ?, lol, i found that interesting.

anyways, when i had enough fun, i blocked their number, i have not heard from them since, no text or calls.

now your wondering “do you know what “spoof” number is coming from ? , well the number they was spoofing from came from Texas, i found that interesting, i knew it was a spoof number cuz the actual number was a landline, and yet they can text me, that how i knew they was hiding behind a fake number, when you hide behind a fake number, its called “spoofing” that might be a miss spelling but i dont care, i type and have poor typing grammar and such, soooooo, wooop-tee-doo, lol .

so this is something you should not do and its something i wont do ever again, oh no worries i am not worried, its just that you dont want to do this , after doing something like this one time, you dont want to do this a second time , if you do, your asking for trouble.

the whole one time thing was a interesting experience and again i was nice the whole time, never be nasty or mean.

well thats it, i hope you had a good roll of the eyes and a chuckle reading this.

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Men need respect when shopping, rant.

ok, another bitch fest from yours truly, this has happened twice so far , what you wonder ?, well, awhile back, my man went to go see the doctor about this possible toe nail and possible skin infection.

the doctor told him the toenail infection went onto the skin of his toe as well, it looked really bad, i thought he might lose his toe, but no, the doctor said he needed to try this 2% foot fungus cream “Miconazole Nitrate”, now let me remind you this is for his fucking toe/foot.

so he shops around, went to this store, cant find it, talked to the pharmacist, and guess what they did ?, those fuckers !, they pawned of this shit meant to get rid of a woman’s yeast infection, you know that shit we ladies shove up our vaginas. oh i was pist, so the next fucking day, i went with him and found the foot shit at a fucking safeway store, i then went to facebook and bitched at that one store that fucked him over, i then took the vagina cream and dropped it off in the bathroom at work, just encase a girl needed it .

and the story gets better, lets just say i no longer have a facebook page/account, ha ha , well i was almost out of that foot cream, the stuff is pretty good, better than the 1% foot fungus shit that is so common in the stores.

so i told my man we need some more of that foot fungus cream 2% “Miconazole Nitrate”, the one walmart , just like the first dumb ass store tried to pawn off this shit, you guessed it !!!!, vagina cream for the pussy people, sorry i said pussy, i meant vagina , ha ha, and i told her NO!!!!, the foot crap , its for the foot !!!, they like the other 1st dumb ass store said it was the same shit.

basically “Miconazole Nitrate 2%” is the main ingredient that is in both the foot cream and the vagina cream, the difference is that the shit we ladies shove up inside our privates is “water based” and the shit for the foot is “Not water based”, its cream based.

so we went to one more walmart and yes that walmart had the right shit for the foot !,

so to all the men out there who need a 2% foot cream for foot fungus, dont let no store or pharmacist pawn off the 2% vagina crap onto you, tell them to fuck off !, tell them you either have the foot stuff in 2% over the counter, or just tell me you dont have it , its that simple. dont let them disrespect you (a Man) that way.

thats why i wrote this post, cuz the first time it happened to my man, i was pist, i was livid, also i was hurt, he is going through shit, getting old is not for sissy’s , he’s my baby and i love him, he has my back , so i do my best to have his.

and ladies, please protect your men, not all of them know better, so if a store embarrasses your man or partner, take that shit back and get their money back and if they wont take it back throw it on the store floor and walk out.

yours truly,

Love to write.

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Part 2: how not to waste your fucking time

just a short little update of a diddy, ha ha. well this person started using some brain cells, i must of made a point, this person started to use some logic, called the guy today and the guy told this person that some one else was coming up with the funds to purchase the vehicle, but if the other guy dont meet a deadline, then the seller will call this person back.

well the seller called back, told this person that the buyer met the deadline and the vehicle was sold, and where this person was heading too it was snowing in that area, it was about a 300 mile drive, and the snow, alls i cared about was this persons safety and well being, i want this person to have what they want, but not if its going to be unsafe.

i write like crap for a reason, its my way of being cryptic, these days a person can get sued for anything, especially in a blog, so i attempt to leave the gender out some and even at times places, i will put in fictional filler instead, no matter how lame it sounds. i should probably saved this part for another blog, so maybe i might do that, it would kinda be repeating myself , but thats ok…….. when i had this other site, a person actually read my stuff and saved them selfs from getting sued, they learned what i was trying to tell them, they removed some of their blog posts.

i saved them alot of fucking time, and their wallet.

so be careful how you write, be fictional while staying to the issue and or point, it can even be fun.

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How not to waste your fucking time

ok, there is this person , who thinks they know how to go about buying motorized vehicles, so i tell this person to call that person in the ad again, but noooooooo, this knuckle head is going to just drive over and through tin-buck-2 and god, who knows, what ?, call the guy.

this person has just lost more than one brain cell people , so i dont know if this person is actually going to go drive over there, i ask this person what happens if the old fart has sold it ?, then you have driven over there for no fucking reason ?, and this person said, nope, it will just end up being a road trip for nothing.

what a waste of fucking time.

one its covid-19 virus disaster still, and one, you have no one to drive with you , cuz i’m going to not go with you , he needs a driver, not my sorry ass.

i just have a bad feeling about all this and no where to put this new soon to be a piece of shit, maybe its a good deal, but when i tell them to call or let me send a text, people these days dont respond to voice mail or emails, they respond to texts, but this person cant text and wont learn how.

fuck this person , fuck i hope i dont end up going, i want to live, not die.

but some people dont care, if you wont wait and call or let me text them for you , then you dont fucking care about my safety.

this is november, its scammer season, where they leave you in a ditch.

the end.